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Meeting point is the Uvac lake dam. The tour lasts about 4 hours and 30 minutes. Reservation is needed because of limited number of seats.


Cruise Uvac lake and Uvac meanders with length of 16km in one direction. You'll disembark from the boat to visit the Ice Cave and experience walking tour to the sightseeing platform. During this tour, You will have the opportunity to see the Griffon vulture - the king of this sky!


Below the steep limestone cliffs of the Uvac canyon, there is the entrance to one of the most attractive caves in Serbia - Ice cave. This cave in the Uvac canyon is one of the most beautiful caves in Serbia, which makes her Serbia’s hidden jewel because it can be reached only by boat through Uvac Lake.

View point

For all adventure lovers, a walking tour to the view point is a real challenge. Walking toursets it’s place on a 1300 m longpath. From the view point, You’ll have a panoramic view of the curving meanders of the river Uvac.

∗For reservations and additional information, please call the phone number at the bottom of the page.


Special Nature Reserve "Uvac" is a natural good of exceptional importance, i.e. natural goodness of the category I. The central morphological unit of the reserve is the canyon valley of the river Uvac with its tributaries. The waters of Uvac were deeply tapering their trough into the limestone walls and formed a narrow cliff-canyon valley with tall, steep limestone cliffs. The special value of the canyon are meanders, whose capes have a relative height of up to 100m. Everyone who visits this special nature reserve rightly calls it Serbian Colorado.

"Uvac" was placed under protection in order to preserve the Griffon vulture– rear species of vulture eagle of the imposing size, with wing span and up to 3m, making it a powerful flyer whose flight was researched by scientists – aeronautics, and applied those research materials in the construction of aircrafts. Griffon vulture is a bird that doesn’t kill, doesn’t catch a preyor seek a victim. Its role in the food chain in the ecosystem is unique and irreplaceable –it is fed exclusively to dead animals, thereby preventing the spread of the disease and doing "natural recycling". That's why this species is appreciated all over the world.


Beauty written in the stone, in fantastic meanders of unrealistic beautiful river. And people, serbian people, hospitable, friendly and always there to help a visitor. Well done! Family Rankov
We are here for the first time, but definitely not the last one. Everything is perfect, nature, river, cave and people –tour guides, without them this tour wouldn’t give a complete experience like this. Thank you! Family Marić
Oh Serbia, you are so beautiful, very beautiful! We enjoyed today at Uvac Lake with good company and our tour guides Kaja and Dejan. Wish you all the best in future work! Zorica and Feđa